Signs That Your Firm Is Headed In The Wrong Direction

When you start a business venture, you dream that it will succeed and help you follow your passion and dreams. However, not every venture succeeds as some wind up after a few months of operation and others after years. On the other hand, some businesses have been in existence for years, and they continue being strong each passing day. It is not through luck that some of these businesses succeed while others fail even before they recoup their initial investment. The following are some of the indicators that your firm is headed in the wrong direction

You cannot meet your operating costs

Your business should breakeven at a certain point and start to generate profits that will cover basic costs and pay your employees. Even the big businesses make losses, but if you make them for a long time, then you have to rethink your strategy. You cannot keep pumping money from other sources to bail out your struggling business. Your financial plan should indicate when you intend to breakeven based on your estimates. There are some cases where you breakeven then start making losses after some time. Such a scenario calls for a rethinking of the strategies you use and find ways of reducing the overhead costs.

Unmotivated workforce

Employees are one of the best resources that you can invest in and never disappoint. When it reaches a point that such employees are complaining all the time, then you should know that something is wrong. Highly motivated employees tend to be more productive when compared to those with low energy levels. The state of your office can be one of the contributing factors to the low morale among your members of staff. Focus at designing the dream workplace as NegoSentro highlights, and the morale of your workers will improve.

The organization is losing its vision

Why did you start this venture? If it reaches a point that you do not understand the answer to this question, then you should know that you are on the wrong track. You need to have some direction and let it also be known to your members of staff. Come up with an organizational culture that will guide both existing members of staff and those who will join you in the future. Have regular meetings where you discuss the direction that your firm should take and some of the strategies that will make this a possibility.

How to Find your Target Audience on Instagram

To make it on Instagram, you must identify your audience. Why is this important? For starters, knowing who your followers are can enable you to create content that they can relate to. More than that, it allows you to connect with your audience at a deeper level since you can understand their needs.

The biggest question, however, remains – how can you pick out your ideal followers. Here’s how;

Follow Event Hashtags

There will always be events in your niche. These could be conferences or conventions. You can, therefore, use such gatherings to connect with business owners and entrepreneurs who may be interested in your product. All you need to do is to follow the event’s hashtag to pinpoint your target audience. On top of that, you must be part of the conversation surrounding the hashtag. Or, you can like the photos tagged with the specific hashtag.

Follow Hobby Hashtags

Like the strategy above, keeping up with hashtags related to your interest or hobbies can help you find your audience. If you’re a life coach or nutritionist, for instance, you can follow tags on things such as barre, yoga, pilates and so on. If you sell pet specialty items, you may choose to follow pet grooming or fashion.

Find Out Who your Competitor is Following

At times, you don’t have to look very far to locate your ideal audience. You can take a sneak peek at your competition to see who they are following. However, you have to stand out from your competitors. So, provide better content than them to attract their followers. Offer something they are not to entice their audience to start following. Also, make sure that you are only targeting active and engaging users.

…Also, Hire an Instagram Growth Service

Identifying your target audience is one thing. However, making these Instagrammers follow you is entirely different. That’s why you should seriously consider using paid services such as SocialSteeze to manage your account. Visit learn more about SocialSteeze and why it makes perfect sense to spend your money on their product.

The Bottom Line

It is essential that you identify your audience from the get-go on Instagram. You will have an easier time trying to grow your presence on the platform if you know who to target. As a rule of thumb, don’t forget to interact with your followers to entice them to keep following you.

Instagram Tips you Should Act on Right Now

Instagram is booming right now. And, every indication shows that this is a platform that will continue to ripple feathers in the future. So, if you’re serious about scaling your business or brand, you ought to hop onto the bandwagon. When you are there, this is what you need to act on.

Grow your Audience

Let no tell you anything different – you must get enough followers to make an impact on Instagram. See, this how it works – the bigger your audience is, the easier it is for you to convenience people that your brand is worth checking out. And, it doesn’t take a lot of work to build a formidable audience. Here’s a good resource about a service known as Social Steeze and what it can do to help you increase your numbers.

Optimize your Bio

Once you have found traction and have some followers already, it is time to optimize your bio. You can do this by using branded hashtags to encourage your audience to tag and share your content. Also, you can create a unique slogan or description that enables you to speak your brand voice.

Stories are the “In-thing”

One of the biggest content strategies that you should embrace right now is Instagram stories.  Statistics show that Stories are becoming popular than any other type of content. See, Stories are time sensitive and users don’t want to miss out on something that will disappear soon. Of course, like anything else on social media, you should use Instagram Stories sparingly to avoid spamming your followers.

Produce More Videos

Written content is not as compelling as videos these days. In fact, some quarters argue that videos will soon overtake written material in the future. So, be sure to upload more videos to increase your engagement. And the beauty of it is that you can use a variety of apps to create good videos that will attract the attention of your followers.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is the place to hang out if you want to become famous overnight. It is also a platform that can bring lots of success to your brand or business. So, learn how to can take advantage of this gem. Don’t forget to connect with other brands in the same niche. Share your ideas with influencers on how you can make your industry better for the benefit of everyone.

Why It Is Important To Hire A Martial Arts Instructor

You can either go through the self-training route or hire a professional when you want to learn a new skill. Martial arts is no different as there are those that buy DVDs and others watch YouTube videos and hit the road. The approach that you take will determine whether you will succeed in this area or not. It may appear as if you are wasting your money when you decide to hire an expert to take you through. However, you will get value for each penny that you spend if you choose to use the services of an expert due to the following reasons

You will learn discipline

As time goes by, you will note that martial arts are not all about the fight but the values that are instilled in you. Some of the basics that your trainer will teach you are hard to master if you try the self-training route. You will learn how to interact with people and how to handle people from all walks of life. You also need to know how to click a conversation with someone who is at a higher level in this field. The daily interactions will help you become a person who treats other people with the respect they deserve.

You will get a solid foundation

There are some things you not should compromise on, and your body should also be a priority. Failure to have the right foundation in this field can hinder your progress and fail to reach the heights that you need. Some work out sets can lead to injuries, and you thus need someone to take you through the ordeal. You can even decide to take the basics and then do the rest of the stuff on your own.

You will work under a schedule

When you decide to train all by yourself, it is easy to backslide because no one is watching you. There are days that you will wake up and choose not to do your daily exercises. Sticking to the plan on your own is hard especially when you have other commitments. However, the trainer will push you and ensure that you stick to the program. Such a person understands consistency is critical if you want to realize results. If you are looking for true martial arts training, then the instructor should be ready to walk with you on this journey until you achieve your dreams.

Automating Your Marketing the Right Way

Automating Your Marketing the Right Way

There are many ways to automate things when it comes to marketing, whether it be outreach or managing your social media accounts. The problem, however, is that most people do it wrong and get banned so today we are going to explain to you how to do it the right way to ensure it’s sustainable.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Just last week we tested LinkedHelper, a tool to automate your marketing at LinkedIn. The tool comes with all types of functions like making connections with your second and third contacts, sending out private messages in bulk, extracting email addresses, and the list goes on. As soon as we purchased the license and overridden the safety settings our account got suspended immediately with a warning that if it would happen again the account would be suspended indefinitely so know our limits.

Automating Your Video Marketing

Youtube is a little laxer when it comes to enforcing rules, the main reason might be that bots that increase your view count have no effect on the position of your videos. In the past, there was a thing called regular views and retention views but nowadays none of these help in any way. What you can do is use the bot to post comments, or subscribe to other peoples channels. Google doesn’t seem to have any problems with that as I haven’t heard many stories from people that got their account banned and their videos removed, the algorithm is clever enough to handle it their selves by simply burying your video on page 20ish.

How About Instagram?

Did you read that Instagram purged tens of thousands of accounts recently? Well, that’s the result of bots, or better said one bot that grossly exaggerated things and didn’t manage to stay under the radar. The lesson learned, always be careful which bot you choose, at Pixel Bin they review those bots and take the risks into account so that might be a good starting point for you. Not every service discussed is as it’s described though so do your own due diligence, many mentions or talk about dedicated managers and manual processes but when you look at the workflow and the price you pay for it you will soon understand that much work can’t be done at such a low rate.

In Conclusion

When you start botting make sure you create a test account at your favorite social platform, then figure out how far you can go and once you know that or got banned a few times you will know what to do to avoid that next time around.

How Much Money Can You Make From Instagram

How Much Money Can You Make From Instagram?

One of the less discussed topics is the amount of money you can make from Instagram by posting there. To get any doubts out of the way it’s not Instagram who will pay you, it are brands instead, think of the fashion industry that pays you a certain amount for a post where you are wearing their brand with the logo clearly visible.

So the amounts we are going to discuss are highly subjective to how good you are at marketing yourself. If you have a small number of followers you should be happy to get anything for any Instagram post really according to Fred Harrington. Just imagine how many people are willing to spend money on people with an account with just a few hundred followers, not that much I think, although it’s also niche dependent of course. Nonetheless, here are some numbers:

Micro Influencers with 500-1000 followers

You should be lucky to get paid anywhere from $10-$50/post, and $50 is already on the really high side. I know the image we attached says $250 but that’s grossly exaggerated, not a chance in the world you would receive that much money for one single post, for a series you might stand a better chance.

Medium influencers with 10k-200k followers

Hold on for a minute! Didn’t we just leave a huge gap in followers to go from 1000 to ten thousand all of a sudden? Perhaps that’s why the image says amounts up to two hundred fifty dollars. To give a more fair price change I suppose that if you have 10000 followers you can start your pricing at around 50 dollars, while hanging more towards 200k followers pricing can vary widely and as said, depending on the niche, it wouldn’t be all that outrageous to charge upwards of a thousand bucks.

Large influencers with nearly a million followers

Here is where it gets really interesting and you’ve probably obtained celebrity status one way or another because there aren’t that many people with such amount of followers, especially because most niches are way to limited for that. If you manage to be in possession of such a massive account you can pretty much charge what you want. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people getting paid up to five thousand dollar per post!

Top tier influencers – celebrities

If you made it this far you are already a multi-millionaire and the extra income Instagram provides is nice but not much of a necessity. Still, it’s not bad if certain brands offer you half a million dollar per post. That’s what Selena Gomez gets when she posts something online, quite lucrative!

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint While You Travel

It is always good to do something that can help the society. One way is to reduce the carbon footprint when travelling.

Today we look at how to travel in a sustainable way so that even as you move from town to town, you are reducing the carbon footprint. You can check out this info, they have a good point that you can use.

Opt for the Bicycle

You can reduce your carbon footprint effectively by using eco-friendly transportation options such as walking, biking and using public transport.

The biking option is not a new concept. If in doubt, the next time you travel out of town go and ask the taxi driver where you can get a bike for hire and there will be one for you. Additionally, apart from reducing the carbon footprint, you also spend less on transportation.

Choose a Reusable Bottle

Did you know that one of the aspects that increases the carbon footprint is the disposable water bottle? Studies show that travellers who use disposable bottles can buy on the upward of ten on a warm day. All these end up in the dumpster, and since they cannot be biodegraded, they remain in the soil for ages.

You can cut down on this practice by buying a reusable bottle. All you have to do is to fill it up with your favourite drink or locally sourced water wherever you go.

These bottles are handy and cheap to buy and have been made to fit in your backpack or bike.

Pay for a Direct Flight

Research shows that aeroplanes burn more fuel when they take off and when they land. To help the situation, you can decide to go for a nonstop flight to your destination. This way you get to reduce the carbon footprint, even though you pay a little bit more in terms of airfare.

Buy Locally

Whenever you go, opt for local produce if possible instead of going for products that have been flown into the area from overseas. This, as much as it helps to reduce the carbon footprint, also helps promote local businesses.

Recycle Your Trash

Have you booked into a hotel? Make sure you find out about the recycling program in the hotel so that you can sort the trash accordingly. If the hotel does not have a recycling program, try and carry the bottles home with you to recycle.

In Closing

You can now enjoy your travels while you reduce the carbon footprint, making the world a better place.

A Handy Device for All

Ever had to go through the struggle of finding a place to print? It can be one of the largest hassles anyone faces if they don’t have a printer at their fingertips. Sometimes we have to search far and wide to find one that is affordable, reliable and close proximation. As a student, it can be a difficult task due to always needing a printer to print assignments, readings, or vital paperwork to the classroom. Even a home office worker faces the issue of seeking out a printer. What is affordable? Where are reliable products? What won’t cost me more in the long run? These are just a few questions floating around a customer’s head as they shop for the right item.

Printers: A History

Printers did not come into play until the late 1950’s. It was only developed during this era but later on, in 1970’s did the idea of a printing replacing high-quality images come into play. No longer is printing just constrained to words but expanded onto images. The main proprietors of this invention were Epson, Canon, and Hewlett-Packard. It has evolved now to only be four manufacturers work to make the majority of these printers. But if you aren’t looking to break the bank then the ideal place is to turn to the internet.


Printers come in all varied sizes and durability rates. Each one is unique to the jobs you wish them to perform. Either one for producing heftier amounts of printing or to a small amount every once in awhile for the average student. In either case, you can be sure to be protected and prepared. By just checking out a few options available at one can see the wide array of options available.

So if you are looking for a printer that can provide a stable production of sound images and write then look no further than needed. Printing is becoming less of an ideal way to share information but it is still highly used. In our society printers are a keystone to disseminating materials to the public. Whether you are a student or your own boss, we can agree how vital a printer is in the makeup of your daily life. Besides, no longer do you need to brace yourself for a long adventure or money consuming time trying to print out your paperwork. Why? Because you will and can be provided this within the comfort of your own home.

Why you Should Pressure Wash your Wall Before Painting

For starters, it makes perfect sense to clean your interior and exterior walls before painting them. Even then, you have to do it correctly, and no other equipment does it better than a pressure washer. Here’s what you should know.

Is it Important to Clean Your Walls?

Of course, it is! One of the reasons you’d want to clean your walls is to increase the paint’s durability. In essence, this means that it will cost you more in the long term to keep your walls looking attractive. It is worth noting that while you can still paint on a dirty wall, you should be prepared to repaint after three to four years.

However, cleaning your walls will extend your paint’s durability to at least seven years! How about that!

Why Pressure Wash?

As stated, a pressure washer is arguably your best bet if you want to clean your walls thoroughly. Note, you want to get rid of even the most stubborn of stains and dirt so you’d better get a machine that allows you to do exactly that.  Besides, cleaning the walls using your hands is tedious and backbreaking.

That said, you need to choose a pressure washer that has all the functionality you need to clean your wall thoroughly. Visit Wash Wisely to view one of the most powerful pressure washers on the market and learn more about the features that make it an excellent choice.

What you Need to Know Before you Clean

There’s more to cleaning your walls using a pressure washer than just passing the machine over the dirty areas. However, you should know that the latest models such as the one mentioned above pack a lot of power. You need, therefore, to be careful how you use yours to avoid stripping the wall.

And, before you start to use the washer, make sure that you splash enough water on your wall to loosen the paint especially if it is a concrete wall. Be sure to use a cleaning detergent to get rid of as much as dirt as possible. Also, don’t forget to spray your wall with fresh water and allow it enough time to dry before you start to paint.

The Bottom Line

There’s every reason to pressure wash your wall before painting. Naturally, you’d want to get uniform, long-lasting results. Plus, you’d love to save some money that you would have otherwise spent to repaint your wall after a couple of years, wouldn’t you?

Get Some Maintenance Tricks To Make A String Trimmer More Effective

A grassy lawn in your property is one of the assets to you, and thus, you have to take an appropriate care of this extensive area by trimming the grasses regularly. Whenever you see that the weeds have grown in different areas, you need to cut them by using string trimmer. But, with continuous use of this trimmer, the device may also get deteriorated. That is why you should also maintain the condition of such trimmer to enjoy its service for a long time. Now, get the facts of maintaining its performance, and you will surely have a significant worth from your investment.

Filters for fuel and air-

If the filters are dirty, the dust may access your device. And it creates an impact on the performance of engine. Just take out the filters and clean them. However, it is also good to have a high quality new filtration unit.

Spark Plugs

While these plugs are in bad condition, they may prevent your device from getting activated. Replace this plug or clean it thoroughly. In case of gas-operated trimmers, there are engines with 2-stroke system, and you have to know the proportion of oil and fuel. Often, it also becomes important to alter the speed.

Caring for your trimmer on every season

While you think that it is the best season to start caring your lawn, you have to check the trimmer. You may also better plan to change the line of cutting. During the cool winter season, this line can turn out to be much brittle. There may be one or two lines in your trimming system; the style of this line is also an important factor. Ensure that you have applied the line just for a particular model. In the present season, while you are using the trimmer very frequently, you have to maintain it appropriately. It helps you in retaining the functionality of the trimmer.

Storage process also determines whether your device will be able to work for a longer time. It will allow you in having a smooth operation all the time. After every usage, you have to remove the dirt and test out the cutting line. You may keep the device in some ventilated space, and if you don’t want to use it for a number of months, you should remove the grease from its surface.